Areas of Expertise

What we do. What differentiates us.

Our work is designed to serve our clients with individual, cooperative and strategic intellectual property rights management. Our standard services include consulting, obtaining and defending IP rights and handling infringement suits. Our core values guarantee an ideal economical development of your ideas.

Strategical Support

The intellectual property component of your business has to be managed strategically. Its basis is a cooperative and long-term partnership, which means permanently assigning each client one of our partners.

To help you obtain the best value from the output of your R&D department, we advise you during all phases of the development and commercialization on the ideal protection and filing strategy in patents, trademarks and design matters.

We accompany your R&D programs in direct contact with your staff and do whatever is necessary to develop your basic ideas from the initial patent application via the granted patent into a successfully commercialized product.

We tailor your IP rights management to your needs and help you identify where to invest in the protection of intellectual property rights and where it is wise to save your money.

Kanzlei Stuttgart

IP Consulting

There are no simple standard solutions for transactions involving intellectual property.

We understand your technology, your market and your competition. We help you tailor your business transactions in the field of IP to your needs.

Our patent attorneys’ experience spans the whole legal and practical framework for licensing (patents, know-how and trademarks), development, sponsored research, joint development, manufacturing and supply which you need to acquire, protect and exploit your technology.

Prosecution and Defense

We do everything required to get the optimum scope of protection for your ideas, research results, inventions and products in the areas of patents, trademarks and industrial designs.

We evaluate your protection requirements individually, prepare the application and registration and complete all the processes and formalities reliably and efficiently. Naturally we take care of all the extensive paperwork which is part of securing and transferring an intellectual property rights portfolio.


In order to prevent a misappropriation of your IP rights by your competitors, it is sometimes necessary to initiate an infringement suit or threaten to initiate an infringement suit.

On the other hand, your competitors might contest your rights to doing your business, alleging an infringement of their IP rights.

In any case, we will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the legal and factual situation and explain the actions that can be taken.

We have comprehensive expertise and experience in dealing with infringement as well as in attacking IP rights of adverse parties in opposition, cancellation and nullity proceedings.