7 patent attorneys, 50 employees, more than 110 years of experience.

Our IP law firm was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1913. Our location in the capital of the State of Baden-Württemberg, one of the most dynamic centers of business in Europe, reflects our firm’s success: Many of our domestic clients are companies that started on a small national scale and today are world leaders in their field.

Today we are one of the big IP law firms in southern Germany, with more than 110 years of experience, 7 patent attorneys and 50 employees. This makes us a competent partner for the full spectrum of intellectual property rights.

Cooperative, strategic property right management.

management. All our clients receive the personal attention of a partner. Each deals directly with his clients’ intellectual property matters. We accompany R&D programs directly with our clients’ employees and are therefore able to develop the best protection strategy in advance. We advise you throughout all phases of the commercialization and tailor your IP activities to your needs.

Domestic roots. International expertise.

As a domestically-rooted partner with international expertise, we understand both the needs of your company and the conditions of the global market. With a network of renowned and experienced international colleagues, which spans all industrialized nations, we serve our European and global clients.

At the same time, we are a trusted partner for international clients from Europe and other countries when it comes to activities in the German and European market.