Employees in Attorneys’ Departments, Administration, CAD Drawing Office, Translation Department and Accounting.

The patent attorneys in our IP law firm are supported by highly qualified employees who take care of the formalities of our work and therefore allow the patent attorneys to focus on the actual legal issues. Many of our employees have gained their experience from several years of work for our IP law firm.


Amongst our employees you will find technical and administrative experts who keep our data processing up to date and reliably monitor due dates and effect payment of annual and renewal fees for the intellectual property rights that are globally managed by our IP law firm.

Attorneys’ Departments

Each of our patent attorneys is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced employees, who focuses individually on the attorney’s clients.

Translation Department

The accurate translations of your IP applications or IP rights required for obtaining protection in other countries are prepared in our translation department.

CAD Drawing Office

The formal drawings for your intellectual property rights are prepared by our CAD drawing office on the basis of the documents provided by you.


Financial transactions with our clients, foreign colleagues and the various national and international IP offices are managed and executed with state-of-the-art technology by our accounting department.