More than 100 years of HS&P. The history of our IP law firm.


Hoeger, Stellrecht & Partner celebrates its 100th anniversary with the motto: ‘HS&P. Turning Ideas into Success.’


The IP law firm now has 11 attorneys and over 50 employees and is an established name in the field of intellectual property law.


Hoeger, Stellrecht & Partner celebrates its 75th anniversary. The law firm has 6 attorneys and over 20 employees.


Dr. Ulrich Böhme joins the law firm as a partner. Starting today, it operates under the name ‘Hoeger, Stellrecht & Partner Patentanwälte’.


The IP law firm establishes the basis for further growth: Dr. Dieter Griessbach and Walter Haecker join the firm.
Dr. Grießbach


Wilhelm Stellrecht initiates international growth by fostering international bonds. 30-40% of the orders are now from outside of Germany.


With the German Patent Office in Munich resuming service in 1949, the workload surges. Wilhelm Stellrecht and Dr. Eugen Maier are added to the team as partners.
Wilhelm Stellrecht


The IP law firm moves into its current building at Uhlandstrasse 14 c. In the post-war era supplies are limited and so the office is equipped with borrowed and donated furniture from Kärcher and other companies.


The IP law firm emerges from World War II fragmented. Founder Göller resumes work in a small office at Sandstrasse 14. He is supported by Dr. Willy Höger who used to work in the patent department of Robert Bosch GmbH.
Dr. Willy Hoeger


During World War II, the IP law firm continues to work for its clients until the office is destroyed in September 1944.


Prof. Dr. Hermann Göller establishes an extensive network with various medium-sized companies in the Stuttgart area and is able to appoint the first partner due to the large number of orders.


Prof. Dr. Hermann Göller is enlisted as railway artillery lieutenant but continues to serve his clients via the army postal service.
Dr. Hermann Göller


The IP law firm is founded by Prof. Dr. Hermann Göller, who opens the first office at Keplerstrasse 16 in Stuttgart.