Areas of Expertise


Securing solid IP rights covering the key technologies is vital in an increasingly competitive global market. We help you to get the optimum scope of protection for your developments. As we have expertise and experience in patent prosecution as well as in litigation, we are able to advise you on the best strategy to obtain patent protection and on the long-term implications of its enforcement.

This service covers the technical fields of mechanical engineering, electromechanical engineering, electronics, computer technology, software protection, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology.

Whenever appropriate, we will advise you on the possibilities of adding alternative IP rights, e.g. utility models, semiconductor protection or design registrations to your portfolio to supplement your patent protection.


Trademarks are valuable assets. They must be constantly defended against efforts of third parties trying to take unfair advantage of the goodwill linked with them or to dilute their distinctiveness.

We help you obtain strong trademark protection and to enforce your trademark rights against your competitors.

We have extensive expertise and experience in filing, opposing and canceling national and international trademark registrations and Community trademarks.


Product design has an ever increasing impact on consumer decisions.

We help you obtain design registrations protecting the unmistakable appearance of your products through the national route or by means of an international deposit under the Hague Agreement or by means of a Community design registration.