Areas of Expertise

Our expertise for your industry.

Our diversified know-how in combination with long-standing client relationships in various industries makes us an experienced partner for intellectual property rights in all major industrial sectors. We have developed special expertise in the following sectors:

Automotive engineering

The automotive industry has a strong stand in southern Germany, especially in the Stuttgart area. That is why we have got many years of experience in the automotive aftermarket. We provide protection for your developments in the areas of automotive engineering, mechanics, mechatronics and mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering

Innovative production machines are the key to developing high-grade products. We use our expertise to analyse your hand-held, forming, processing or other machines with regard to protectability and to ensure comprehensive protection for them.

Cleaning and domestic appliances

Developments and products of the cleaning and domestic appliances industry stand out due to innovative, technical solutions and an increasingly sophisticated design, which requires extensive protection.


The electronics industry is globally spawning more innovations than almost any other sector. We protect and manage your developments in telecommunications, IT, semiconductor technology and other branches of this emerging industry.


Our deep-rooted expertise in physics is the basis for the IP consulting in the areas of developments and products in optics, optoelectronics or lighting technology.

Medical technology

Medical equipment requires an immense research and development effort which needs to be extensively covered by patents for your company. We accompany you throughout the entire development process.


Products of the chemical industry are used in almost all technical fields. Accordingly, our services in the procurement of intellectual property rights in this sector are equally versatile.

Engineering plastics

Plastic parts today enable novel constructions as they replace metal constructions in numerous applications, thus offering a wide variety of advantages. We face up to the challenge of adequately protecting the development of high-performance plastics as well as their usage and processing.

Pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology

Intellectual property rights for new pharmaceutical agents and applications are of vital importance. We obtain protection for the results of your R&D work through patents and supplementary protection certificates. Our areas of expertise cover both classical pharmacy and biotechnology.


The food industry is one of the top-selling branches of our economy and at the same time affected by constant change, new developments and product enhancements. We protect both the technical and the design and trademark aspects of your developments and products.


The clothing industry features patents and industrial designs and also trademark rights. With our extensive know-how and many years of experience, we develop the best filing strategy for you.